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Upon entering the Wintergarten Berlin, you will be drawn into another world by the magnificent backdrop of the variety theatre. Dark velvet, fine wood and the unique starry sky recreate the famous atmosphere of the glamorous 1920s. Leave your everyday life outside the door and enjoy an evening of chic and that certain something.

Show, music, varieté – entertaining, charming and varied. Whether Meret Becker or the Tiger Lillies, whether Max Raabe or Eckart von Hirschhausen, whether newcomers or international stars of the vaudeville scene: here the world comes together in the unique atmosphere of mirrors, fine wood, dark red velvet and the legendary starry sky.

The “most beautiful vaudeville theatre in Europe”, a jewel of vaudeville, “Berlin’s most beautiful theatre space” – in these superlatives the press speaks of the beauty of the house.


In addition to a sophisticated, exciting and fascinating programme of top-class show, music, dance and acrobatics, the culinary aspect is likewise an essential aspect of a perfect evening. Enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail. Let our chefs spoil you with everything from a fancy snack to an exquisite 3-course menu. For every taste and every occasion we offer an excellent selection of high quality dishes.

Don’t hesitate, join us and enjoy the luxury of the golden twenties with us.

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  • 1880

    In 1880 the Central-Hotel on Friedrichstraße opens with a “Jardin de Plaisanterie” or conservatory for its hotel guests. The magnificent, glass palace-like garden hall is about 2000 square metres in size. Decorated with palm trees, evergreen shrubs and climbing plants, fountains and grottos, it invites the guests of this fine hotel as well as other Berliners to stroll around and is an excellent setting for sumptuous dinners and festive events. This year the first concert events already take place.

  • 1884

    In 1884 the winter garden becomes a programme and consumption theatre.

  • 1888

    The success story of the Wintergarten as a variety theatre begins when the first small variety performances with acrobats and magicians are given in 1888. In the following years the house becomes more and more renowned in the wake of guest performances of famous stars such as Saharet, Mistinguett and Yvette Guilbert.

  • 1895

    In 1895 the Skladanowsky brothers bring an extravagant programme to the stage: the world premiere of the cinematograph – nothing less than the birth of cinema, at least in Germany.

  • 1900

    Among the 80 or so vaudeville theatres in Berlin around 1900, the Wintergarten reigns supreme. No novelty, no sensational number and none of the great entertainers can pass by the Wintergarten. Soon to become a kind of “Gotha” of the vaudeville, many stars of the opera as well as the circus appear as guests here: the most famous girl troupes and virtuoso artists, such as the wonder juggler Rastelli, the escape artist Houdini, as well as the clowns Charlie Rivel and Grock.

  • 1920

    In the twenties, in addition to the typical eccentric fashions and original talents, it is above all Claire Waldoff, Otto Reutter and Josephine Baker who shape the face of the Wintergarten until the following decade.

  • 21. June 1944

    After 56 years of playing and a last performance on 21 June 1944, the Wintergarten is destroyed by a bombing raid. This left the most spectacular stage of artistry that Germany had known until then in ruins. What remains is the legend of a great name: Wintergarten

  • 25. September 1992

    On September 25, 1992, the Wintergarten on Potsdamer Strasse is reopened with a glittering premiere as a tribute to the old Wintergarten. Under the artistic direction of Roncalli founders Bernhard Paul and André Heller, the Wintergarten immediately delights Berliners and their guests. The press cheers: Berlin has its Wintergarten back!

    Today, the Wintergarten with its elaborately produced shows is no longer only popular among Berliners. Through word of mouth and the media the Wintergarten also reaches a broad international audience. Recommended by Time Magazine as a cultural tip for Europe, the Wintergarten, which gets by without words in its programme and therefore knows hardly any language barriers, quickly develops into a widely famous crowd puller.

  • 1997

    In 1997, the Wintergarten launched a new tradition that still exists today: Together with the children’s circus CABUWAZI-Springling and the Berliner Märchentage, the Wintergarten produces an annual children’s variety show for young and old in the series ZIMT & ZAUBER during the Christmas and winter season.

  • 2009

    After years of continued success, a new operator takes over the theatre in 2009. The Wintergarten continues to host its own shows almost all year round and is also the venue for breathtaking guest appearances in the SPOTLIGHTS series on selected evenings.

  • 2010

    After a short break for rebuilding, “Die fabelhafte Varieté-Show” with the wonderful Meret Becker gives the starting signal for the new decade in January 2010.

    The second show “Made in Berlin”, directed by Markus Pabst (BASE Berlin), continues the success of the first one – a fresh, cheeky show that celebrates the sound of the capital and Berlin’s attitude to life: “More Berlin is impossible!” (Berliner Morgenpost).

    The guest performance “The Tiger Lillies FREAKSHOW” brings a cheerful-morbid charm to the theatre in autumn.

    “Mark Scheibes Wilde Bühne” gives insights into the creation of songs and the love life of French women. Orchestra, Mark Scheibe at the piano and artists on and above the stage give a wild performance in the theatre hall.

  • 2011

    The 50s show “Peppermint Club” puts the city in a spring mood for several months in 2011 – with hula hoops, petticoats, a furious rockabilly band and groovy acrobatics.

    “Forever Young” is the name of the fulminant rock variety show, which moves into the Winter Garden after the summer break and takes more than 50,000 spectators on a spectacular acrobatic-musical live trip through rock history.

  • 2012

    After the great success in autumn 2010, “The Tiger Lillies FREAKSHOW” returns to the Wintergarten for one month in 2012.

    In spring Katharine Mehrling enchants her audience with charm, sex appeal and soul. Disarmingly honest and ravishingly funny, she dazzles in the show “Am Rande der Nacht” – live accompanied by her “Frivolous Nightclub Band”, jazz legend Rolf Kühn and charismatic variety eccentrics.

    In summer, the three top entertainers Andreas Wessels, Daniel Reinsberg and Jojo Weiß meet and take each other for a ride. Whether Paris Moulin Rouge, Berlin Quatsch Comedy Club or New York Broadway – they have already been on the most diverse stages. In their first Wintergarten guest appearance in “FUNKY TOWN” they now draw from this pool and take an artistic look at the groove of the metropolises of the world.

    Berlin is weird, fascinating, multifaceted. An exciting mixture, which can not only be experienced on the streets of the city, but also again on stage in the Berlin Wintergarten in “MADE IN BERLIN”. A dazzling programme – as lively, extraordinary and versatile as the city itself.

    Who doesn’t love illusion? When the unimaginable happens and the impossible seems possible, the world of magic takes over. At last a new magic show in Berlin – “THE MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW”.

  • 2013

    “FOREVER YOUNG” – in 2013 the rock variety show returns! Hitchhiking through the history of rock, audiences met rock classics from the Beatles, Stones, Police, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd to David Bowie, Nirvana and Metallica – played live by the outstanding rock musicians of the Weitersagen-Band and staged by international variety artists in fascinating pictures.

    “DIE CultiMulti SHOW” – an acrobatic excursion into the dazzling world of vaudeville in the multi-faceted cultural mix of a big city, presented by comedian and entertainer Murat Topal, staged by Markus Pabst.

    “MADE IN BERLIN…der ganz normale Wahnsinn” continues the success of “MADE IN BERLIN” in 2013.

    And last but not least the new show “ALL NIGHT LONG – Die Soul Varieté Show” electrifies 2013 from the very first second when the live band ignites this dance through the history of soul with “Celebration”. Rhythm & blues, jazz and funk give this show its unmistakable groove and light up the acrobats’ top performances.

  • 2014

    In 2014, the Wintergarten continue to be turbulent: With “BREAKIN’ MOZART – Klassik, Breakdance, Artistik”, directed and performed by Echo award winner Christoph Hagel, the Wintergarten showcases a fireworks display of breathtaking artistry by the young acrobats of BASE Berlin and first-class breakdancing by the DDC (Dancefloor Destruction Crew) – perfectly combined with the masterful music of the Viennese wunderkind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    “DER HELLE WAHNSINN”: a berlinesque artistic, as it can only be created in Berlin. With an unprecedentedly quirky mixture of acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music, Markus Pabst shows in his latest production in the Wintergarten that imagination and joie de vivre, paired with optimism and humour, have a home anywhere and at any time.

    In mid-September, Wintergarten presents its successful show “FOREVER YOUNG” as a brilliant open air at the Kindl Bühne Wuhlheide.

    With new magicians – grand masters of magic, award-winning and of international renown – and impressive new illusions, the Wintergarten becomes mysterious and mystical again in 2014 with “THE MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW” in Germany’s most beautiful variety theatre.

  • 2015

    In 2015, “BREAKIN’ MOZART – Classical, Breakdance, Artistry” returns to the Wintergarten stage with new scenes and artists and once again inspires the audience.

    SOAP become the “SEIFEN OPER” in 2015 – fresh, sexy, provocative, lively…based on motifs from the globally celebrated success show, staged by Markus Pabst and Maximilian Rambaek with live music by Jack Woodhead.

    “ATEMLOS – Das Hit Varieté Festival” also enchants in 2015 with a hit programme from Seeed to Andrea Berg, international top artists, live band and singers such as Ella Endlich, Jay Khan, Katja Friedenberg, Tim Wilhelm of the Münchener Freiheit.

  • 2016

    It’s “DER HELLE WAHNSINN!”. Berlin’s craziest show completely turned the world of vaudeville upside down with its world premiere at Wintergarten in 2014. Many enthusiastic visitors could not get enough and in 2016 the time had finally come again!

    “ALL NIGHT LONG” celebrated its overwhelming premiere in 2013 in the Wintergarten – and was missed on stage. In 2016, after several guest performances in Denmark and a highly acclaimed open air at the Kindl Bühne Wuhlheide, the show returns to Potsdamer Straße for a short time.

    The 80s were a dazzling time. In “RELAX! 80’s Hits & Acrobatics” breathtaking acrobatics meets the sound of the 80s, accompanied by a furious live band and great singers.

  • 2017

    Berlin is as open as it is stubborn, as nostalgic as it is visionary, as enthusiastic as it is grouchy. Berlin is capital and world city of creativity. No other city embodies the idea of free self-determination and development in a complex world more than Berlin. “LIKE BERLIN” is the best way to feel Berlin, a unique infusion with Berlin lifestyle! The directors Markus Pabst and Pierre Caesar busy themselves with the BERLIN CODE of the city values campaign DAS B – LIKE BERLIN and use it to further develop their successful Wintergarten show “MADE IN BERLIN”. Marvel becomes love. Love for Berlin.
    For its 25th birthday, the Wintergarten presents the most elaborate show in its history – and one of the most unusual at the same time: “SAYONARA TOKYO – Geishas! Tamagotchis! Edelweiss!” An exciting kaleidoscope of Japanese everyday scenes and specialties between dance and artistry, live music and theatre, between kimono and cherry blossom, manga and anime. SAYONARA TOKYO turns the Winter Garden into a theatre of smiles and the rising sun until February 2018. The creative heads of SAYONARA TOKYO are Stephan Prattes as director and set designer, Johannes Roloff as musical director and Hakan T. Aslan as developer of the choreography. Especially memorable is the extravagant stage design and an industrial robot, which contributes truly amazing things to this fascinating show.
    And yet another work of art is completed just in time for the silver anniversary: Stylish, ultra-modern and seductive: artist Fiona Bennett and designer Hans-Joachim Böhme transform an urgent need into a fairytale experience for the Wintergarten. Underground, they create completely new (sanitary) spaces. The glamorous opening under the motto “THE FIRST FLUSH” takes place on 11 September 2017.

  • 2018

    In a time in which the world seems to turn faster and faster, the desire for deceleration, purism and truthfulness grows. In the show “TAKE IT EASY!” from February 2018 on, free spirits of handmade music meet unique body art and extraordinary performance. Following the footsteps of country and folk, rock and pop, new images were created in the minds of the audience. Acrobats from all over the world celebrate a place of longing far away from everyday life and take the audience on an acrobatic journey to music from Johnny Cash to Bruce Springsteen, from Bob Dylan to Fleetwood Mac, from Dolly Parton to Ed Sheeran.

    In the second half of the year, the dedication of the Wintergarten is honoured with the amazing, breathtaking, yet also bizarre and comical show “STAUNEN – Circus of Stars”. The highest rank of international variety stars inspire audiences and provide exquisite entertainment with a variety of artistic, magical and clownish performances.

    At the end of the year, visitors to the Wintergarten also enjoy the popular children’s show at Christmas time, “ZIMT & ZAUBER”, which this year featured the Christmas fairy tale “Aufstand der Uhren” by Sammy Tavalis in cooperation with the children’s circus CABUWAZI.

  • 2019

    With the beginning of the year, the Wintergarten puts a new show into operation – on “Kurtz auf der Couch” the audience experiences an extremely amusing and entertaining talk evening every 1st Monday of the month with the journalist Andreas Kurtz, known for his wonderful columns. Since January, the Wintergarten has welcomed a different celebrity guest every month to this popular talk show.

    The show “LET’S TWIST AGAIN – Rockabilly Hits & Acrobatics” begins on March 6th. Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues – what began as an exciting mix of black and white music has become the unique sound of a rebellious youth worldwide, rebelling against racial segregation, discrimination of dissidents and narrow moral concepts of their parents. The Wintergarten combines the hits of an era with international acrobats to create artistic choreographies. Excellent female and male singers interpret the legends of rock’n’roll in a variety show beyond musical and style categories.

    As a fitting follow-up, the upcoming show “WOODSTOCK VARIETY SHOW – Festival Hits & Acrobatics” focuses on the unbroken myth of the legendary Woodstock Festival of 1969. For the 50th anniversary, the Wintergarten presents a show with the sound of Love, Peace and Happiness . Some of the world’s best artists create their own choreographies to songs by Santana, Janis Joplin or Joe Cocker. Festival hits by Melanie, Jimi Hendrix or The Who become acrobatic images.

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