Boylesque Drag Festival

July 22, 2022 I 11:00 pm


We are back! After a brilliant two-day kick-off in 2019 and a two-year break, we are finally happy to welcome the international DragQueen and Boylesque scene back to Berlin.

This city has always been a melting pot and cultural pioneer in Germany. And boylesque, which is also affectionately referred to as male (strip) tease with drama, already thrilled the ladies as well as the gentlemen in the late 18th century. In the early 1920s, this art form conquered Berlin’s high culture and shortly afterwards continued to flourish in the underground.

Travesty also has a long and very honourable history and has been experiencing a worldwide renaissance not only since RU PAULS DRAGRACE. The basic idea was to finally give these two treasures their own festival in Germany. Following the example of the VIENNA BOYLESQUE FESTIVAL successfully introduced by Jacques Patriaque in Vienna, we want to break down all barriers and celebrate wonderful people of all sexes.

Diversity and joie de vivre are the focus of both evenings. Join us in celebrating the love of life for the second time… bigger, more colourful and guaranteed to be special. SAVE YOUR TICKETS NOW!


TICKETS from 41,82 €


Let yourself be seduced by culinary delights, from clever snacks to exquisite 3-course menus, and enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail.