3. NOVEMBER 2020

Hochzeit in Schwarz

03. NOVEMBER 2020 I 08:00 pm

Episode III of the Ashtonburry Chronicle

At the wedding celebration of Cora, daughter of the late Lord Ashtonburry, relatives and relatives gather at the Ashtonburry family ancestral seat. Lady Ashtonburry, Cora’s stepmother, welcomes the invited guests in the dining room of Darkwood Castle, a venerable manor house in Scotland.

Cora Tilling celebrates her long-awaited marriage to Peter Ross. Some members of the family are not at all enthusiastic about it. They are doing everything in their power to stop young fortune from getting off the ground. The wedding gifts are littered with foul suspicions. What happens during the course of the delicate 4-course wedding menu allows for a lot of speculation: How did the groom, who usually gambles away all his money, come to be so surprisingly rich? What secret does the destitute bride hide? And why does the otherwise so reliable priest take so long?

But don’t worry, of course nobody will get hurt at a wedding. Or will they?!



Let yourself be seduced by culinary delights, from clever snacks to exquisite 3-course menus, and enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail.