24. MAY 2021 I 07:00 pm

DAVID HERMLIN, LORENZO BALDASSO and SASCHA KOMMER – three excellent young swing musicians from Berlin, Milan and Pforzheim … A singer and drummer, a clarinetist and a pianist. All three love American swing from the thirties, all three are virtuosos on their instrument. With their new show “We Got Rhythm”, the DAVID HERMLIN TRIO recalls the great combo arrangements of the swing era, especially of course the revolutionary Benny Goodman Trio with pianist Teddy Wilson and drummer Gene Krupa.

The musicians around DAVID HERMLIN renounce any attempt to copy their role models, but develop a very own, lively style. There is music, singing and even dancing, featuring a special guest appearance by David Hermlin’s 16 year old sister RACHEL HERMLIN, who – like her brother – is a star of the “Swing Dance Orchestra” led by her father ANDREJ HERMLIN.

“We Got Rhythm” – that’s wonderful, fun, an lively performed swing from the America of the 30s, immortal music from Goodman to Gershwin. Keep Swingin!

David Hermlin was born on 21 August 2000 in Berlin. His father is the well-known swing musician and bandleader Andrej Hermlin, his grandfather the writer Stephan Hermlin. David’s mother Joyce is from Kenya. At age 3, David began his self-taught drumming career. At the age of 4, David Hermlin performed publicly for the first time with his father’s band. During a trip to New York at the age of 5, David discovered his love for tap dancing. From 2010 to 2019, David Hermlin was a member of the “Junges Ensemble” of the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin and was repeatedly committed to leading roles.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014, David Hermlin toured Germany together with singer Sarah Connor. This series of concerts was accompanied by his father’s orchestra under the title “Christmas In My Heart”. In recent years David Hermlin has become the main soloist of the SWING DANCE ORCHESTRA alongside his sister Rachel. Together with his father’s orchestra, David Hermlin completed successful tours of Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Austria, Sweden, France and Switzerland. David Hermlin has been a frequent guest of various TV programmes and has produced his own shows for JazzRadio Berlin, where he performs together every Sunday with his sister Rachel Hermlin on the radio show “Swing It With The Hermlins”. In 2018, David Hermlin founded the “David Hermlin Trio”, in which he plays the drums and also appears as a singer.

Photo: Uwe Hauth

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