20 20

The Twenties Variety Revue

Shows: July 15, 2021 – February 13, 2022
Show time: Tuesday – Saturday 8:00 pm, Sundays 6:00 pm
Duration: ca. 160 mins. incl. intermission

Welcome to the roaring twenties! at the Wintergarten Varieté – an iridescent evening blurring the lines of today and yesterday is on the menu. The opulent show production 20 20 – The Twenties Variety Revue harks back to Berlin’s most sinful decade – the golden 1920s – while at the same time diving head first into the new 2020s.

Not only the stage, but the ambience of the entire building transfigures, true to form, into the perfect 1920s establishment. Together, the Berlin directors Pierre Caesar and Markus Pabst, as well as the talented composer and entertainer Jack Woodhead, resurrect an epoch in which audiences were as addicted to entertainment as they are again today. Always searching for ever new, frivolous sensations.

Everything – the entire theatre, from foyer, to bathrooms, to the stage – and all, staff and audience alike, are and will become part of the scenery and the wonderfully mad spectacle. However, the show is not only a close, authentic mirror image of the – even today – fascinating 1920s, but also a sinful prophecy of what, a century on, the coming decade will hold in store for us: Ambience, decoration, and costumes allow for full indulgence in the flair of the 1920s – on stage, the heroes of today and tomorrow, creatures of the night of 2020s Berlin.

Breathtaking burlesque, erotic contorsion, fantastic aerial poetry, extravagant choreographies, enchanting melodies – by now all are sure to be fully immersed in a unique, marvellous cosmos of droll characters that bewitch not only with their astounding acrobatic talents. Surprising, impressive, and passionate, they release the famed “dance on the volcano”, set in scene by a transcendent spectacle of high quality acrobatics and live music, that whisks the audience away into a world populated by acrobats, magicians, dancers, and transvestites. Guests can look forward to an evening of elegant and provocative varieté noir, presented in its most exciting form. An evening, as it could have occured 100 years ago at the old Wintergarten on Friedrichstraße – and how it will occur in the present twenties on just this place again: At the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin.

Special highlight: Parquet row 1 – “Holzklasse – wood class”

The Wintergarten has revived a nostalgic concept especially for this show – cult ambience in the so-called “wood class” for the “simple people”. In this case for all adventurers who not only understand rough fun – but are indeed seeking it!

This is where the real life pulsates – almost like in Zille’s milieu. “There are still guests”, the conférencier calls shortly before the show and lets the people take part in the lives of the artists – briefly shows them their wardrobes and then places them directly in front of the stage. In the first rows there is an overwhelming atmosphere, this is where the action happens. Honest, earthy, plump. Hard seats* , but and above all as close to the spectacle as can be.

PLEASE NOTE: Since it is uncertain how the distancing rules will develop, these seats may be offered on a limited basis.

*(Seat pads available on request)

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