Dear friends of the Wintergarten,

the Quarieté is back! Since it is unfortunately temporarily impossible for us to play our show for you in the beautiful Wintergarten again, we would still like to give you the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful Wintergarten shows from your living room, bedroom, study, bathroom or wherever.

Enter our QUARIETÉ, the virtual quarantine variety show!

We have opened our virtual theater hall for you, where you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy the beautiful shows with us – and support the Wintergarten a little bit at the same time.

Buy your virtual ticket here (the amount is up to you) and enter for your very own Variety Show experience. The link to the show will be sent to you by E-Mail. With this donation you help the Wintergarten to get through this difficult time.






Katharine Mehrling with her band, dancers, international vaudeville artists
and her special guest, jazz legend Rolf Kühn on stage at the
Wintergarten Varieté. It will be romantic and mysterious, casual and also sometimes loud, erotic and
and merciless, humorous and breathtaking. An unforgettable trip into the night with international top stars!







ZAUBER ZAUBER – Nichts ist wie es scheint

Magic is the beautiful appearance that takes people into a fascinating world and makes them believe in miracles. The unimaginable, the impossible, is suddenly possible. In the Winter Garden, the mysterious world of magic has taken over. Whether called magicians, magicians or illusionists, the most charismatic grand masters of the genre gather for a unique show in Germany’s most beautiful variety theater. They all make things happen that defy logic, amaze and enchant.







STAUNEN – Circus of Stars

Amazing and breathtaking, at times bizarre and hilarious – all this is combined in the unique show STAUNEN – Circus of Stars. The first guard of vaudeville artists provides the highest pleasure.

The emcee is the wonderful singer and actress Sophie Berner. She spins the thread through the show and connects the various performances of the Variety artists with each other to make it a unique experience.








DER HELLE WAHNSINN – Berlinesque Artistic Revue

DER HELLE WAHNSINN is a Berlinesque Artistic Revue, which can only be created in Berlin. Such an unprecedented mixture of acrobatics, dance and live music tells the story of bright imagination and joie de vivre in a dark time: in a (then still so-called) insane asylum shortly after the war, a new inmate realizes his dazzling dream of a 1920s revue.







WOODSTOCK VARIETY SHOW – Festival Hits & Acrobatics

The myth of the legendary Woodstock Festival of 1969 is unbroken. For the 50th anniversary, Wintergarten Varieté presented a show in the sound of Love, Peace and Happiness. World’s best artists create their own choreographies to songs by Santana, Janis Joplin or Joe Cocker. Festival hits by Melanie, Jimi Hendrix or The Who become acrobatic images.

The WOODSTOCK VARIETY SHOW – artistic body art, rousing music and culinary refinements in a stylish ambience. An unforgettable Variety evening in Woodstock feeling with goosebumps guarantee.








LET’S TWIST AGAIN – Rockabilly Hits & Acrobatics

Rockabilly and Rhythm & Blues – what started as an exciting mix between black and white music became the unique sound of a rebellious youth worldwide, who rebelled against racial segregation, discrimination of others and narrow moral concepts of their parents.

Let yourself be surprised and carried away by a variety show beyond musical categories and style drawers. Rock’n’Roll has been declared dead many times in the last 60 years – and yet it lives on. It was precisely the overcoming of pigeonholing that made rock’n’roll possible in the first place.