in Leverkusen!


Date & Time: 23. + 24.04.2024, 8:00 pm
Venue: Leverkusen, Bayer Erholungshaus
Duration: ca. 2 h.


The Wintergarten is back in Leverkusen this spring – this time with the brilliant WOODSTOCK VARIETY SHOW – Festival Hits & Acrobatics!

The legacy of the legendary Woodstock Festival of 1969 is unbroken. In 2019, to mark the 50th anniversary of this historic event, the Wintergarten Varieté presented an acclaimed show in the sound of Love, Peace and Happiness. This incomparable spirit is now being brought back to life in Leverkusen. Just like back then, the rebellious spirit of a time when young people rebelled against injustice, lust and war will once again fill the hall. “Make Love not War” – transferable to any place in the world where generations and ethnic groups meet. This message is timeless and universal – and today more relevant and important than ever.

The world’s best artists create their own choreographies to songs by Santana, Janis Joplin and Joe Cocker. Festival hits by Melanie, Jimi Hendrix or The Who are transformed into acrobatic images.

The WOODSTOCK VARIETY SHOW – artistic body art and driving music in a stylish ambience. An unforgettable variety evening with authentic Woodstock feeling! Goosebumps guaranteed!



23. + 24. April I 8:00 pm

Bayer Erholungshaus,
Nobelstraße 37,
51373 Leverkusen





Let yourself be seduced by culinary delights, from clever snacks to exquisite 3-course menus, and enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail.