“The Music Goes Round And Around”

26. OKTOBER 2020 I 19:00 UHR

Yesterday evening a small concert with some musicians in Berlin. We laughed and played for our lives – in front of the few guests who had come to listen to swing music one last time for an indefinite period of time. We laughed and cried and we didn’t want the small concert to end. Just keep playing, keep playing, that’s what we wanted, a city without music, what is that? What is a country without music? Or a time?

Our music – the swing – was the music of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Desperate people listened to it because it gave hope. Hope? And so we decided back then, in March 2020, that our music must not die and will not die…We kept on playing! Every day! Every evening at 7 pm on the dot we played swing for half an hour in my house. In changing small line-ups, with friends, with musicians who love Benny Goodman, or Basie, or Miller, or Lunceford…Our daily shows “The Music Goes Round And Around” on Facebook and Instagram are now followed by thousands of people from America, Asia and Europe…Now finally this new band, which has given so many people hope, can give single public concerts…Instead of looking into the lenses of cameras, we now look into the faces of people again. What a great feeling! We want to thank our listeners. And we give them something in return: Our love for swing – music, a beautiful solo, a great song – and a smile…We will survive this difficult time. Together. As friends. And with lots of music!


Daniel Duspiwa (sax)
Jörg von Nolting (cornett)
Jan Landowski (tb)
David Hermlin (dr)
Andrej Hermlin (p)
Jack Latimer (g)
Malte Tönissen (b)

Rachel Hermlin, Jack Latimer and David Hermlin are singing!

TICKETS FROM 17,00 € (Booking & System fees not incl.)


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