October 17, 2022 I 8.00 pm

“The Music Goes Round And Around”

“Last night, a small concert with some musicians in Berlin.
We laughed and played for our lives – in front of the few guests who had come to hear swing music once more, one last time for an indeterminately long time…
Our music – swing – was the music of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Desperate people listened to it because it gave hope! And so we decided then, in March 2020, that our music must not die and will not die…”

Every evening at 7 p.m. sharp, THE SWINGIN’ HERMLINS have been presenting authentic swing from the 1930s for half an hour ever since – in changing small line-ups, with friends, with musicians who love Benny Goodman, or Basie, or Miller, or Lunceford. Their daily broadcasts “The Music Goes Round And Around” on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are now followed by thousands of people from America, Asia and Europe! This community calls itself “Hermlinville”.

With their new concert programme “The Music Goes Round And Around” THE SWINGIN’ HERMLINS present the American music of the 20s and 30s, as authentic as it is cheerful, sometimes crazy. Everything is live, spontaneous and lively!
The band plays – except for the vocals – unamplified, just as they did back then. Wardrobe, desks, microphones, instruments are originals or their perfect copies. The band’s repertoire includes famous songs like “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen” or “A Tisket, A Tasket” as well as many lesser-known titles that are worth rediscovering.

In the meantime, “The Swingin’ Hermlins” have produced several albums, published a book and played everywhere possible (and sometimes impossible…). Since January 2021, the “Hermlinville Times” has been published, an extraordinary new cultural newspaper edited by the well-known photographer Uwe Hauth and Andrej Hermlin.

All this was reported by the “New York Times”, the “Guardian”, the “ZDF heute journal”, the “Deutsche Welle”, the “Forbes Magazine”, the “Los Angeles Times” and many other media houses. “The Swingin’ Hermlins”, the band that gave hope to so many people, is now also giving large public concerts again.
“Instead of looking into the lenses of cameras, we are looking into the faces of people again. What a great feeling! We want to thank our listeners. Und wir geben ihnen etwas zurück: Unsere Liebe zur Swing – Musik, ein schönes Solo, einen tollen Song – und ein Lächeln…“


Playing among others:
Daniel Duspiwa (sax)
Jörg von Nolting (cornett)
Jan Kaiser (tp)
Lars Juling (tb)
James Scannell (cl)
Gennadij Desatnik (v)
David Hermlin (dr)
Andrej Hermlin (p)
Jack Latimer (g)
George Birkett (g)
Malte Tönissen (b)
Rachel Hermlin (voc)

Production: Joyce Hermlin

Rachel Hermlin, Jack Latimer and David Hermlin sing!


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