Jubiläumsgala – 65 Jahre Staatliche Artistenschule Berlin


Mai 17, 2022 I 8 pm


Timeline Traveller – Jubiläumsgala der Staatlichen Artistenschule Berlin

65 years of body art at the highest level, 65 years of passion and love for one of the most extraordinary professions in the world. 65 years of the Berlin State School of Artistry.

Be there when the curtain rises on the TIMELINE TRAVELLER show and students and graduates of the school, founded in 1956, show their skills in a unique gala.

Let yourself be enchanted on 17 May 2022 at 8 pm in the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin and travel with us through artistic scenes and an artistic production along the timeline …





Let yourself be seduced by culinary delights, from clever snacks to exquisite 3-course menus, and enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail.