The Twenties Variety Revue No. 2

Then as now, the motto rings true: “In Berlin above all else – Wintergarten!” After the brilliant success of “20 20 – Die 20er Jahre Varieté Revue” the GOLDEN YEARS are now coming to the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin and offer a dazzling evening in the past and present.

Not intended as a continuation, this brand new, opulent show production deals again with the Golden Twenties of the last century and shows at the same time the full power of the high entertainment art of today.

The show is a very close, authentic reflection of the 1920s, which still fascinate us today – but it also takes a look at the present and shows what the next decade will hold for us 100 years later: Ambience, decoration and costumes allow us to revel in the flair of the 1920’s – on stage are heroes of today, the night creatures of the Berlin of the 2020’s.

Among the protagonists of GOLDEN YEARS are renowned circus stars and talented newcomers as well as talented newcomers. The mix of personality and ability is at the heart of the show, whose artists would certainly have inspired the Berlin audience in the Wintergarten of the 1920s. Director Rodrigue Funke paid special attention to the selection of strong women. The new images of women of the “old” 20’s and their fight for equality are still relevant today and are reflected in the wonderful artists of GOLDEN YEARS.

Not only the stage, but the whole ambience of the house has been transformed into a perfect establishment of the 1920’s. The highlight: The entire theatre from the entrance, foyer and toilets to the stage – and everyone, staff and audience, are part of the scenery and the spectacle. Of course, this evening will also be a culinary experience – the gastronomy of the house serves the finest culinary delights at the highest level, in keeping with the theme. A performance, how it could have taken place 100 years ago in the old Wintergarten at the Friedrichstrasse – and how it will take place in the new 20’s at this very place: at the Wintergarten Varieté Berlin.


Let yourself be seduced by culinary delights, from clever snacks to exquisite 3-course menus, and enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail.