Play time: February 23, – March 19, 2023
Duration: approx. 160 min. incl. intermission

In „FLYING DREAMS” two worlds enter into a fascinating liaison with each other  which at first glance could not be more different. The worldwide celebrated breakdance stars of the Flying Steps meet top-class stars of the vaudeville world in a congenial collaboration.

New form of vaudeville art

In the anniversary year of 30 years of Wintergarten Varieté, innovation and tradition merge into a new form of Varieté art. In this spectacle, established international dancers meet young crazy Kreuzberg talents, Ukrainian representatives of modern circus meet experienced American stage professionals, beatboxing and contortion merge in unexpected ways. Breakdance, a touch of Cirque Nouveau, street style and classic Varieté elegance go hand in hand.


Exceptional artists like the New Yorker Natalie Enterline, who juggles a stick and hat while doing pirouettes, meet young wild street dancers like the clownish, multi-award-winning Russian star breakdancer Bruce Almighty. Instead of competing, these artists inspire each other and together create completely new visual experiences on the Wintergarten stage.


The sound of the golden 1920s, hip hop of the 80s and contemporary electro beats will form the musical carpet on which the grandiose artists of this spectacular production will present their unique skills.

10 nations!

And the special flair of the Wintergarten also becomes a multimedia event visually with the help of new LED technology. But as always in the Wintergarten-Berlin, the unique personalities of the wonderful actors from over 10 nations are the focus of „FLYING DREAMS”.

Whether juggling, spinning on their heads, hanging from their hair or balancing on their hands, all the artists of „FLYING DREAMS” are united by their great love of dance.

The makers

Rodrigue Funke, artist and experienced Wintergarten Varieté Berlin director (including awards in Monte Carlo, Paris, China and Russia) and Vartan Bassil, co-founder and managing partner of the Flying Steps (including four-time breakdance world champion and TV juror) are the creative minds behind „FLYING DREAMS” and will direct this artistic dance firework together for the first time.



Let yourself be seduced by culinary delights, from clever snacks to exquisite 3-course menus, and enjoy the show with a good bottle of wine, a sparkling glass of champagne or a sophisticated cocktail.